The Doctor (pisica) wrote in little_details,
The Doctor

Everyday carry for a sculptor

Setting is modern-day London.

I have a character in her early 30s who's a working sculptor, mostly in clay (I think - any thoughts about that welcomed - I haven't done all the research on this part yet), and I am trying to figure out what she carries around with her on a daily basis, related to her artistic practice.

For plot purposes she needs to do a lot of sketching, so I would definitely like thoughts on sketchbooks (would she carry more than one? in different sizes?) and pencils or charcoal or whatever she'd likely have. She's primarily interested in sculpting/sketching bodies, and really likes drawing hands, so I was thinking larger notebooks or else she'd be drawing hands in miniature.

I'm also interested in hand cream or equivalent, and for this one I'd not only like to know what she'd use on a daily basis, but something that *doesn't* work well, because someone has to give her a tube of hand cream that's expensive but completely inappropriate.

Anything else she might just keep in her bag (any particular type of bag) on a regular basis?

I've done some Googling, but knowing what sketchbooks etc. are available for purchase doesn't tell me which ones are used and which are just poncey (are Moleskines too hipster...?).

Tags: ~arts: visual arts, ~jobs (misc)
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