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Roses and Paintings in 1920s New England

EDIT: So far I've been searching "red rose varieties" (and other arrangements of those words), which led me to a site containing information on the oldest varieties of hybrid tea roses, but I'm not sure what to narrow it down to specifically to find "red and white roses a very wealthy person would have growing outside his mansion".  As for paintings, I have now found a list of the most expensive paintings ever sold, but I feel like it would stretch credibility to have a fictional character in a fictional place own a painting known to be in the possession of a real-life person in 2016 (or would it?) Would it matter, since this is a fictional story, or would I have to find some means of creating a backstory for how the painting came into my character's possession?

I'm working Google pretty hard right now, but I'm still undecided on this. Basically I'm trying to find varieties of very deep, richly-hued red hybrid tea roses most likely to have been growing in a garden or involved in the landscaping of a mansion in 1920s New England. So far I've identified...that hybrid tea roses do indeed grow well in New England, and that there's a variety of rose that smells like oranges but is not really what I'm looking for (although I feel like I could use that whole orange-scented thing).

Does anyone have any particular opinions on this?

Another issue I'm having a bit of a time with is finding paintings an extremely wealthy person would be likely to display in the public areas of their home-- I've been trying hard not to go with super obvious names like Monet, but I also keep getting tangled up in trying to identify the worth of different paintings at that time in history since the value would have changed by now. The story is actually set in an unidentified year, but it's somewhere between 2006-2016, so I don't think their worth would be the same within that ten-year span as when the paintings were first created-- but the paintings do need to be pieces that would have been hanging in wealthy homes in the twenties.

(I can explain the time thing if necessary, haha.)
Tags: 1920-1929, usa: history (misc), ~arts: visual arts, ~plants

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