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Airport security check gone wrong

Hi, all!

I'm looking for any and all information on how an airport security check could go horribly wrong, specifically at Heathrow airport with today's security measures.

I googled things like "airport security checks", "Heathrow security checks", "failed airport security checks", "Heathrow security officers", all that kind of thing. Most of the information I got was on how to make security checks go smoothly, and what a wonderful people-person job it is to be an airport security officer, while the "failed airport security checks" search gave me lists of all the times airport security has failed to find a weapon or something, not what happens to a person when they fail a security check.

My scenario is this - Character A works as a security officer at Heathrow Airport. Character B is heading off on a business trip and is going through the customary process to board his plane. Character A recently met Character B and has reason to strongly dislike him, as well as suspect him of a crime committed against someone he cares about. I need to know all the ways in which A could make B's life miserable while going through this security check, in a semi-comedic sort of way that B would think is just because of the dislike between them, but actually serves the added purpose of A searching for evidence. I also need to know what part of the security process it would be best to have A doing. I'm thinking he's the guy who does the wanding and patting down, simply to make B as uncomfortable and intimidated as possible? (Do they still do wanding? I kept trying to search for that, too, but I'm still not clear on it. And if they do still use the wand, is it used by the same person who does the pat-downs?) Also, is there any other part of the security check he might do, or would that be his whole job? How many other security officers would he have to convince to play along with his little scheme?

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