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Knife wound to order

Hi all, I'm trying to check the feasibility of a situation while maintaining maximum drama levels!

Setting: Earth-like fantasy world, pre-industrial. Healing magic exists, but it's very limited, and the character won't have access to healers for an hour or so. Specific setting has a lake and trees.

I want a character (seventeen-year-old girl) to get a knife wound, then alternate among running, hiding, and swimming for a total of about thirty minutes, and then faint or otherwise become incapacitated. She needs to survive, but permanent effects (such as some loss of function in the affected area) are fine.

Originally I had her getting stabbed through the hand, pinning it to the floor until the assailant pulls the knife out. But honestly, I'm not sure this is bad enough. My Googling turned up a bunch of stuff that makes me think this is a relatively minor injury. I want some peril going on. Blood and fainting! On the flip side, she does need to do some physical exertion. She's a good swimmer, and I know adrenaline can do crazy things. But I don't want it to be ridiculous. She's in pretty average shape.

So, basically I want to hit this sweet spot and I'm not sure a hand-stabbing could do it. Or could it? Modifications and alternatives welcome!

Search terms I've tried: stabbed in the hand, stabbed through the hand, bleeding from stab wound, running with a stab wound, how much does a hand wound bleed (that last one felt very silly and, indeed, was not useful)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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