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Jumping off a bridge (with supports)...injuries and recovery process?

Setting: [Cold War era, fictional country] Isaac, a 20-30 something physicist is being chased down after doing something that he wasn't supposed to do. He knew beforehand that the possibility of getting caught/something going wrong was high, so he planned to jump off the bridge into the deep, moving river. However, knowing the physics behind it, he prepares by setting up a wire rope pulley. He attaches himself to it and jumps, thus reducing his speed so he wouldn't die on impact. However, he neglected to calculate things like wind, air resistance, river velocity, and miscalculated surface tension. As a result, he hits the water faster than he should have, injuring him. Additionally, he gets tossed around in the river and maybe hits rocks?

What injuries would he get? (Unfortunately most bridge jumpers die, so it's hard to find data. :( ) I would imagine lots of bruises, broken ribs, maybe a ruptured organ (from the impact), maybe a sprained/broken wrist/ankle if it was in a weird direction upon entering the water. I think he would have landed belly-flop style given how the pulley system attaches to him.

After using the bridge as his escape method, he eventually returns to society. (Everyone thinks he's dead -- the threat has passed and he is no longer being chased down) He intended to come back sooner, but his injuries impeded his movement - he's probably in worse shape than after the initial event. :( What injuries would get worse or appear given the fact that he has to move? (Assume he has basic medical supplies and first-aid knowledge)

He gets rushed to the hospital (would he be put in ICU?) and once he is stabilized, he gets morphine to fall asleep. Is this the right medication? How long would it take for it work when administered through an IV? Would it immediately knock him out or would he slowly start to fade out? Is it possible to have some kind of fleeting moment of panic right before it starts working? How many IVs will he have? [All of the searches I've done only talk about either smaller doses where it's only used for pain management or people trying to get high off of it, not 'there's so much pain and he needs sleep'...maybe I'm thinking about this wrong.]
Tags: 1950-1959, 1960-1969, ~medicine: drugs, ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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