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inventory of typical warehouse

spacetime orientation: Los Angeles, right now (mid-late 2010s)

A group of Classic World of Darkness-style vampires need to get from LA to Elko, Nevada. The dawn is approaching and it's a ten-hour drive, so they break into a warehouse, hide in the most convenient boxes they can find, and sleep through the trip.

Keeping in mind the distance being travelled, the population distance between their start and end point, the fact the boxes are large enough for a single human-sized creature to sleep in and the contents displacable enough to pull it off, what do those boxes have i them?

Searched 'what will you find in a los angeles warehouse', 'what will you find in a warehouse', 'what is stocked in a warehouse', 'typical warehouse inventory'.
Tags: usa: california, usa: nevada, ~small spaces, ~travel: ground & rail, ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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