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Mental Health & Institutions in Holland

I'm trying to find information on how the Dutch do inpatient mental health care.  I know here in the US, you can go to a hospital, say you're having suicidal ideations, and they'll admit you (generally speaking--I'm summarizing my sister's experience).

But the information the Google machine keeps giving me is all about involuntary (civil/compulsory) commitment and the hospital websites are in Dutch and very unhelpful.  It seems like they do a lot of outpatient treatment, but I know inpatient exsists because I came across a collection of photos by a photographer documenting her stay.

If my character were to walk into an ER and say she's thinking about taking all her medications at once, what would happen?  What are the requirements for admission?  What are the rules while admitted (said photographer was allowed to have one item in her room).  Are visitors allowed?

A little background: She suffers from C-PTSD and bulimia.  She's been on Paxil but stopped taking it some indeterminate number of weeks ago because of the weight gain side effect.  This is current day Netherlands, specifically Holland (Amsterdam/Rotterdam).

Terms tried: psychiatic hospitals netherlands, psychiatric admission netherlands, (and a lot of others I don't remember)
Tags: netherlands (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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