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Eye Injury That Takes Time to Heal

Writing a story where a child (about age 10-11) receives blunt trauma to his right eye during a tornado and sustains some damage. This is set in 2013-2015 United States.

I'm looking for an injury to the eye that would not (necessarily, I am open to it) result in permanent blindness. Something that would require the injured eye to be covered or cared for consistently over a period of, let's say, at least three months (It can be much longer than that, even a lifetime thing, I'm flexible) and possibly leave visible damage on (or around) the eye itself, even if blindness doesn't occur (or at least not 100%- again, flexible). More than anything, though, I need details about the sort of day-to-day care at home that would be required to look after the injury.

As usual, this is a case of Google yielding me many details, but not the details I actually need to make this work. I've tried googling a lot of things from "eye injuries" to "traumatic eye injuries" to " traumatic retinal damage" and other variations of "traumatic [eye part] injuries", but most of what I get is either very vague and lacking the details I require, or way, way too complexly detailed; like, you can tell this is written with an audience of opthamologists in mind, and with a lot of scientific and medical jargon that I have difficulty parsing out.

And while I do need details about the injury and complications that arise from it, nothing I found went into detail about the particulars of how the patient has to care for their injury at home or what sort of long-term care they would need over their lifetime, and virtually nothing on the sort of intimate details on how a caretaker would maintain this kind of care for a young child.

Thanks for any help, I am very appreciative.
Tags: ~blindness, ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries

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