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Injuries from bomb blast (glass from a window) and field treatment with complications

Ok. I tried searching for window bomb injury, bomb blast injury OR injuries, glass injury/injuries, triage glass injury, and then I realized my question was too complicated and specific to try to narrow down to search engine terms. I also desperately googled "what would happen if you stood in front of a window when a bomb went off?" to unsurprisingly fruitless results.

So Character A is standing in front of his bedroom window when a bomb lands near the house - not so near as to level the house (yet), but near enough that it shatters the window, obviously injuring him, but not killing him - yet. Character B is an educated and experienced street medic for organized crime, so he's got plenty of field experience and a lot of equipment on-hand, but he's also caught somewhat unprepared because within maybe a 10 minute window, a second bomb severely damages the house and they have to escape before it collapses. Then I need Character A to get sepsis (the antibiotics were in the house that is now rubble, and all characters are now trapped in a small pocket of space defined by the rubble that was once the house, the back garden and the bomb shelter in the garden, so there is no further access to help) and die, but not too quickly. I did read that I can basically make the sepsis part take as long or as short as I need, so that's good. But I need to know how threatening the other injuries are, because Character B would presumably know, and it might affect the timeline and/or the actual cause of Character A's death.

The story is set in a generally real-world universe with cartoonish elements, of which Character B is aware, and is also caught off-guard by how those elements aren't present anymore (he's used to injuries and damage being "reset" in a matter of minutes, hours or days, so that might also go into how he approaches treatment of Character A's injuries. He'd be concerned with getting him out of danger, stable, and comfortable, but not necessarily with long-term care, since that's not typically something he needs to deal with.) I don't think the country and era matter all that much, but it's 1980s UK, if it matters to someone. Also if it matters, these are specifically bombs dropped during the Blitz, as the house has travelled through time (again, a bit cartoonish). I've read they were somewhat smaller and incindiary rather than explosive, if that matters as to how the window/injury thing would work. Also of note - the characters' bedroom is on the second floor.

I want Character A to have serious, but not immediately life-threatening injuries. I currently have it written as a large shard in his left side (his heart is out of danger, but not necessarily his lung), a few smaller ones in his left arm, dozens of tiny cuts and possibly an eye injury? Is that realistic, or would the side injury be otherwise dangerous? Also, to get out of the house, Character A is going to need to be carried down stairs - how much additional damage might that cause?

I know that Character B shouldn't try to pull the glass out right away because it'll cause bleeding, but when he tries to get it out in the shelter, how would that go down? Would Character A need to be put under? Character B pretty much only has what he could throw into his medical bag at his disposal: a hypodermic needle, a small bottle of liquid morphine, tweezers, a limited supply of gauze, sutures and a needle, various small but not terribly helpful items as needed by the writer. So basically, he can get the glass out, he can sew Character A up, and he can keep him out of pain, but that's about it. Oh also, how much/little morphine should he be using before it would be dangerous given Character A's serious condition? Is it pretty much "anything below overdose level is ok" or does Character A's injuries factor in? Could he give him enough to knock him out without putting him in further danger?

I'm not sure this is all of my questions, but I feel like this post is enormous and rambling as it is. Thank you in advance!
Tags: ~explosive & explosions, ~glass, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries to order

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