jaefiction (jaefiction) wrote in little_details,

Work in an emergency department

I'm working on a contemporary novel. Some scenes take place in a large hospital in Los Angeles.

I have two questions that you might be able to help me with:

1. One of the books I read as part of my research (sorry, I forgot which one) said that physicians and nurses would not refer to the emergency department as an "ER" (since it's not just one room), but as an "ED" (emergency department).

But one of my beta readers (a former nurse) protested that abbreviation since it can also mean erectile dysfunction.

Does anyone work in an emergency department in the US (maybe in California) and can let me know which abbreviation is used--ER or ED?

2. Also, are pagers/beepers still used in hospitals in the US/California?

I googled terms such as "pagers still used in hospitals", but found conflicting information.

Does anyone have up-to-date firsthand information?
Tags: usa: california, usa: health care and hospitals

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