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Horse-drawn carriages

Hi. I checked the rules and I do want to assure you that I've Googled this and looked elsewhere but there seems to be a dearth on the information. It's a little thing IMO, but important: for a carriage not intended to carry bulk (in a feudal type society) but rather to travel distances and ferry/collect some small packages, how many horses would you need?

          The world I came up with, there's this bard-in-training. He has to collect some books, records and other written materials. This is research for a teaching ballad he plans to write )the final part of his education/initiation). He has a wagon/carriage. I assume more of a solid-walled carriage rather that a tarp-covered wagon because I think it would offer better protection against the elements. The carriage itself belongs to the school. so it has been in use for some years and is not a recent acquisition.
          The only information I have found about horse-drawn carriages (other than the standard team of six, which might be too many for a relatively lightweight carriage as opposed to, say, a war wagon) are the two-horse teams used for ploughing fields.
          My own feeling is, the fewer, the better. Can I get by with one horse, or should I use two? Which would be more feasible for a good rate of speed at distance travel? Or do I need more horses?
          I just want to say thanks (in advance) for at least reading this message. Any help would be very much appreciated. I would assume they would need to carry some feed for the horses too, for when they're between towns, rather than depend on forage. Would it be bales of hay, oats, something transportable, lightweight, yet enough for the horses to supplement any forage?
          Oh, wait, that's two questions. Sorry. *grin*
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