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Titanic Era jobs for upper middle class in the US?

Hey, friends!

I'm working on something in a vaguely alternative (Supernatural based, so monsters and scary things, and slayers of said scary things, exist) 1912 US, and I need a job for one of my main characters' father. Something that would involve a fair bit of traveling, or force the family to move from time to time, but pay well enough that they can send their daughter to girls boarding school in New York. Extra points if it's dangerous? (I'm feeling like railway worker, but that's more likely to land the main character square in charity case, instead of genteely impoverished orphan girl [ie-Charlie] clever enough to be accepted by her "betters".) A bit of hand waving as far as dates and locations is fine, so long as it doesn't entirely kill the suspension of disbelief.

I've paged through the 1910-1919 tag, and done a fair bit of googling for jobs/employment and the classes (peerage, landed gentry, upper middle class, blah blah blah) in the era, and most of what I'm turning up is factory and textile work, and like the railway jobs, too far into the poor side of things.
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