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Atlas of Clouds

Procedure for visiting prisoners in Michigan

Setting: Detroit, MI, present day

I have a character who is going to visit his brother in prison in Detroit. What I want to know is the general procedure relating to his visit. Does he hand in keys/wallet, etc? Does he get a pat-down? Is he escorted? Will he meet his brother in a large room with other people or in a little room, or what?

The brother in in jail for dealing meth and dope, and has been given 10 years. He's a jerk and won't be getting released early, but he's also not a problem prisoner. This will be his fourth year behind bars. My character has been visiting him once a year for three years. They're not close.

I've searched jails in Michigan through, various prisons sites (Michigan-based and other states, mostly California and NC for some reason), and terms such as "procedure for visiting prison inmates detroit", "procedure for visiting prison inmates us" and "procedure for visiting prison inmates michigan". I have the problem where I'll automatically get hits for visiting prisoners in UK prisons (I'm a Brit) but still, I've found a lot of things about how to get approved to visit. What I'm looking for, however, is what he'd have to do once he gets in the door. I only need a rough outline, but I'd rather it be a half-correct rough outline rather than me just making shit up.
Tags: usa: government: prison, usa: michigan

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