Keeyla (ratsandwich) wrote in little_details,

How would a character see out of an eye with two separate pupils in it?

Hi! I've got a character with pupula duplex in one eye, which isn't actually real, but whatever. I'm trying to figure out how he would see out of that eye, which I assume would be very badly due to light coming in from two separate pupils. He keeps it covered with hair or an eyepatch so it doesn't disorient him or freak other people out. The only thing remotely similar that I've found is when people are born with strands of iris that essentially go over the pupil, but it doesn't actually effect vision in those cases.
All I've found when I've googled it was essentially 'oh it's not a real thing', nothing that actually helped. I know absolutely nothing about eye anatomy myself so I can't make any guesses.

Edit: Thanks for the help, guys!
Tags: ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry
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