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[Anon Post] Food / Consumer Goods Prices in West Germany in 1980

Hello, Little Details admin and contributors! Could you please help me verify some facts?

My story takes place in 1980 in West Germany, in the Cologne-Dusseldorf area. My characters (middle-class, in their early 30s) are shopping in a department store or a supermarket. What I'd like to know:

(1) Prices of food, in particular chocolate, milk and ice cream. (I found that chocolate was about 1 DM per 100 gr bar but I couldn't find exact prices for milk and ice cream for those years).

(2) Prices of consumer goods from home electronics and toys sections, in particular: children's musical instruments like the xylophone and stationery like calculators and day planners.

(3) How large a typical department store/supermarket would be in thouse days? From what I've read it was around 1, 500-5,000 square metres.

I've searched in English, German and Russian (my native language) with terms like "price of milk in Germany 1980", "Milchpreis 1980". Fact-checking websites such as and (Federal Statistical Office of Germany) as well as some forum commentaries and articles provided some useful information but not everything I needed.

So, I'd be really grateful if German members of the community could clarify these details for me.

Thanks a lot,

Tags: 1980-1989, germany: food and drink, germany: history

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