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Followup Post to Being Tossed Off a Cliff: Back Injuries and Bedriddenness

Hey hey, folks!

A follow-up to this post here (which you lovely people gave lovely answers to!) - turns out she hit a spur (that broke her ribs), bounced, landed on back and broke her arms and something in her back, and possibly hairline skull fracture.

Now I have more questions :D

1) I don't want her to be paralyzed - what can/'t she break? AFAICT, cracking the bone without doing great damage to the spinal cord will achieve this, but am I right about that? (PS: this is so helpful that I'll leave it here for you guys.)

1b) Lasting injury/some difficulty walking or moving are okay. Not total/partial paralysis - I need her hopping about and making plotty mistakes later in-book.

2) she's been moved (and not gently, but well.) to a safe place where she can heal. if broken bone is a non-issue, how long would spinal cord damage (?) (or whatever) take to heal up? Am I still looking at 6-10wk?

2b) how long of that does she have to be immobile, and how immobile does she have to be?

2c) Phys therapy? Limits of movement?

2d) here's a link about bone formation because it's cool.

3) I still have the question (a la above original post) about being bedridden and not being able to get up and go to the bathroom. That's going to bother her from a dignity/grossness standpoint. Any experience here, from either the "I had to go through that" or from the "I have to take care of people going through that" side?

4) A LATE ADDITION JUST-BEFORE-I-POST QUESTION: I suppose that hairline skull fracture would prolly end up in a concussion? Yes likely or ne? if so - concussion stories?

Thanks again, you guys! :D
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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