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Pregnancy with bulimia and heart arrhythmia


So, I have a 35-year-old female character with a long, on-and-off history of bulimia.  She's been in recovery for the last ten years with a relapse in October/November.  Currently, she is almost 34 weeks pregnant with active bulimia and panic attacks.  She's otherwise healthy, nonsmoker, not on any medications, and one past c-section.  Setting is current, NYC.

I want her to deliver the baby on the 29th of this month but I need to hospitalize her prior to it.

If she were to go into the hospital after an episode of heart palpitations and syncope, how long would they keep her for?  This was difficult to find an answer to in general and I did see three days on one website, but I'm wondering if they'd keep her long because of the pregnancy/bulimia.  Could they keep more than two weeks?  I don't necessarily want her in a treatment program and would prefer it be just a medical admission, but this would work if need be.

I'm also a little confused as to the relation of blood pressure, arrhythmias, and syncope.  I know low blood pressure can cause syncope, but an arrhythmia would generally be accompanied by high blood pressure. Would it make sense for her to get into an argument with her estranged husband, start feeling palpitations, and then pass out?  Or would it make more sense for her to pass out after getting out of the shower from hypotension?  OR are they equally as likely?

I've read everything I found using search terms like "bulimia and pregnancy", "hospital admission for bulimia", "heart arrhythmia and bulimia", "arrhythmia and pregnancy", "evaluation of syncope", etc etc
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses: heart problems, ~medicine: reproduction

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