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Victorian Honeymoon during the Raj - 1857

Hi folks -

I'm looking for information concerning Victorian Honeymoon's during the Raj. My characters are an English Army Captain and an upper middle-class Anglo-Indian (modern interpretation) woman who is being fostered by an Army General with East India Company connections.

While I've founds heaps of information about Victorian Weddings -

Victoriana magazine
wedding dress

and Interracial marriage -

Marriage in British India
Interracial Marriage

I've yet to find anything on where the British newlywed went on Honeymoon while in India. My characters are on a Captain's salary, after all, and I just can't seem to find out where they might go - Bombay(Mumbai), Lucknow, Srinigar, Madras, Calcutta, Lahore? Given this wedding takes place in 1857, where such marriages were pretty frowned upon, would they even go to a major city, or just go to say, Simla? Oh, my bride has been brought up as a Christian, though I'm not yet sure what variety of Christian.

Thank you for any advice or sources you may have at hand.


Tags: 1850-1859, india: history, uk: military: historical, ~marriage

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