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Care for Stockholm syndrome in long-term captives

Setting: modern AU United States, southern California area (SoCal doesn't exist, but the area is based on it).

I think I've dug myself into a very deep hole.

I have three characters who have been held captive as sex slaves for a number of years. (S is 20 and was abducted at age 9, I is 19 and was abducted at 8, and M is 16 and was abducted at age 5). They are all suffering from severe Stockholm syndrome, they love their captor and all his cohorts and consider them family. The three of them are the "favorites" so they've actually been treated very well, though they do wear collars and still receive occasional beatings for infractions (especially in the case of the youngest, because he's excitable and not really that bright). They also all have amnesia and don't remember their families at all, all they've ever known is their captor (for the moment). Their captor and his cohorts are eventually arrested and the boys are rescued.

I've googled "Stockholm syndrome" + stories, interviews, procedure, recovery, and some other words that I can't remember. I also tried to look up capture of various drug kingpins, but that wasn't that helpful. I've found some useful nuggets of information that I can use but I'd like to know some specific things about what might happen to the boys after their rescue. I know they will need extensive therapy. They likely can't even live on their own, right? In the articles I've read about various famous cases, it's never quite clear what happens to the victims directly after rescue. They are physically healthy, currently unhurt other than some faded bruises on M's arms. I have it that they were first taken to a hospital to make sure they're healthy, but after that...? They'd need to be taken to some kind of long-term care facility? Would S and I legally being adults have any bearing on their situation? What would their mental state be upon learning that they were actually captives and that their "beloved" captor will get life in prison for his various crimes? They know he's a criminal but they loved him anyway, but how would they feel once it hits home that they'll never see him again and they now have to try and rejoin society?

Would the media be given (supervised, of course) access to them? Eventually it will come to light that these three are such-and-such boys kidnapped years ago, and the media will be all over the story.

At the moment I'm undecided on the families of M and S, but I know I's father is estranged (they haven't had contact with him since before I's kidnapping) and his mother is dead. He has a twin brother (K) with whom he was very close (you know how twins are), and after a few visits, I does remember him. Would he be able to be released into his brother's care if I was agreeable? At this point in his life K is financially stable and living on his own. What challenges might K face having I back in his life?

What about M, seeing as how he's underage? He does have a family, I just haven't quite decided on their living situation yet.

I can't think of any more questions, though I'm sure I have some. Any help anyone can provide would be great.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd, ~sexual abuse & assault

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