Lirazel (penny_lane_42) wrote in little_details,

exsanguinated corpse

Okay, the main plot of my post-WWII London-set fantasy/mystery novel involves a young woman whose body is magically drained of all of its blood. So there's no wound, but all of the blood is disappeared from her body, killing her (obviously). She's found within a matter of hours of this happening, and the examination of her body that's going to be described in the book happens about 48 hours after death. What I really want to know is how a bloodless corpse would be different from a regular corpse. Would it look different? Feel different? Decompose at a different rate?

I've looked up both "exsanguination" and "exsanguinated corpse" on google and what I'm getting is causes of exsanguination, definitions of it, and references to it various books (mostly crime/mysteries), but no good descriptions. I've also looked in the archives here but haven't found anything that deals with this topic in particular. Any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

(And mods, please let me know if I need to put any of this behind a cut for grisliness or if this needs to be friends-locked.)
Tags: ~forensics: corpses

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