tabaqui (tabaqui) wrote in little_details,

Translating ASL into English

So - writing an Avengers AU fic, and I want to have a couple of exchanges of someone signing to Clint, or Clint signing to them, and rather than just say that, I'd like to put down what they/he is saying as it would be structured in ASL.

I've googled basically that (translate english to asl sentence structure) and have gotten several sites talking *about* ASL grammar and sentence structure, and a lot of very simple sentence examples, like 'He threw the ball', but nothing that really does what I need.

So - anyone able to translate for me? Thanks, if you can!

"I'll be by around three, I think?"

"No later than four, I gotta get some art over the bridge and then I'll be back to help with the new intakes." (The 'intakes' are rescued cats.)
Tags: ~languages: sign languages

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