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Injury to Order: Removal of Quadricep vastus lateralis muscle

I'm working on turning a fan fiction into a novel.  It starts in the present day.  The main character is a man in his early 50s, in good health.  15 years earlier, something happened where the vastus lateralis muscle (the outer quadricep) had to be removed.  In the original, it was an infarction that caused muscle death.

I've googled: why would a quadricep muscle be removed, injured quadricep, dead quadricep tissue, quadricep muscle removal, quadricep avulsion.  Wikipedia only gave me the definition of quadriceps.  Web MD gave me a number of knee conditions, ACL surgery, etc.  In fact, most of my searches brought me to either tendon surgery or knee surgery.

Can anyone imagine a scenario where a muscle had to removed?  I had thought of a large soft tissue sarcoma, but wasn't sure because then the spectre of cancer would be hovering over the character.  It can't be a blood clot.  Thanks!

ETA: Thanks so much, everybody!  Been reading and looking at lots of gross pictures. Not sure what I'll got with...probably compartment syndrome with complications.
Tags: 2000-2009, ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: injuries to order

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