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Amount of exertion someone could take after shoulder wound

So let's say I've got a character in his fifties or sixties, still in good physical condition, who was run through in the shoulder area and then fell a certain distance. He was rescued before he hit anything during the fall, but then he still has to escape the area where this all happened. How much exertion could he reasonably take before his body might give up and force him to pass out? I don't want to make him appear weak, but I also don't want him to be unrealistically pressing on. And I sort of need him to pass out eventually.

Situation is complicated by the fact that the setting means I can't really find any real-life information to help me: I've got a lightsaber wound here and, I assume, instant cauterization of the entrance and exit wounds. Any Star Wars geeks who know ins and outs of lightsaber wounds from book information?

I did try searches about cauterization and what people could reasonably do after something being cauterized, but I didn't find anything that really helps this type of situation. Mainly I just get nasal cauterization or limb amputation.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~movies

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