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Physiological Development of FtM Child on Puberty Blockers

Hello, little_details! Some of you may have seen my post about how a trans boy might be affected by getting turned into a werewolf.

Well, I'm back with yet more questions. Namely, I'm trying to figure out what my FtM character's transition will be, phsyiologically, from childhood. However, most of what I find about transitions is how someone who has already gone through puberty can transition, and most of what I find about trans children is for the pre-pubescent stage, when it's mostly about gender identity and presentation, rather than physical development.

I'm having a surprisingly tough time finding out what my character's body will be like, and what the phsysiological process is for someone who's had support for their transition since childhood. I don't even have many specific questions, yet, because I have that little information. Does anyone know where I can find some reliable information on what puberty will be like for a child on puberty blockers, and then taking T?

I don't have anything set in stone for my character's development. The story starts when he's about sixteen and a half, and I'm implying that he's already been taking T for a few years and was on puberty blockers before that (and has been since a fairly young age), but I have nothing concrete in terms of timeline.

I started looking this up trying to figure out if having a masculine chest by 16-17 would be realistic (to see if he can get away wandering around shirtless, as this character is prone to do in canon), if he would ever experience any kind of menstruation, and what his voice might sound like/how it might develop.

But the more I realize how difficult it is to get concrete details, the more I just wonder if anyone knows good, reliable resources on the development of an FtM child/adolescent on puberty blockers, and what they will look like and what their bodily experiences will be like, so I can figure out the best way to screw it all up with a werewolf Bite.
Tags: ~child development (misc), ~medicine: human physiology, ~transgender

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