Reynardo the Red (reynardo) wrote in little_details,
Reynardo the Red

Playing Dungeons and Dragons during Ramadan - modern day

Setting: Modern day Australia. Character - Muslim mid-20s woman from an Iraqi family, although she was born in Australia. Well educated, and obviously geeky.

If a practising Muslim woman is part of a board-game playing group of friends (of mixed beliefs), would she give up their weekly game nights during Ramadan? Particularly is this something universal, or would only certain groups such as Shafiʿi or Ghulāt or particular Shias avoid it?

To go with that, are there any denominations within Islam that would forbid board games and role-playing games (such as Dungeons and Dragons) completely?

(Side note - the group she's with have no issues with her whatsoever. In fact, the games-master's boyfriend uses her presence as an excuse to make the most amazing halal snacks and dishes for their games.)

Asking for a friend...
Tags: australia (misc), ~games, ~religion: islam

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