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permanent leg injuries from a car crash

I'm writing a story in which a character is in a car crash and ends up in the ICU. When she comes out of surgery, it's found that one of her legs is permanently damaged in some way (along with some broken ribs and a concussion, as the crash was head on and quite severe). I couldn't think of the details of an injury that would leave her leg there entirely, except she can't move it from the knee down (therefore requiring some support like a crutch or a brace??? does a brace work as a permanent thing?). To make it clear, I'm looking for the details of an injury that makes her leg useless, and what this injury might prevent her from doing, and what exactly she would need to cope with it (besides physiotherapy, like perhaps a wheelchair or a cane, for example).

Previous research: I've read a lot of posts here about leg injuries that might result in the need of a cane or support for the character, but not many of them originated from car crashes. A lot mentioned nerve damage or problems from birth, that kind of thing, so it wasn't the kind of content I was looking for. I had trouble getting content because it was too difficult to decipher, or just irrelevant. If anyone could guide me on specific search terms I could use, that'd be brilliant.
Tags: ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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