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Traditional Mumbai house

Hello! This is my first time posting, so feel free to point out if I do anything wrong!

Basically: One of the two main character in a fanfic I'm writing is from Mumbai. My headcanon about him is that his father (who's now dead) was sort of a 'citizen of the world', and always pushed his children to leave India and explore; while his mother is more close to her roots. The main character is now (well, in 2014, really) going back home to introduce someone to his mother. He comes from a very (VERY) rich family.
My problem is that I need a starting point to form a mental picture of what this lady's house would look like; but all I can find when searching for 'traditional Indian houses'/'traditional Mumbai houses'/'traditional Indian interior design' is either the 'Indian-inspired~' style of someone in the West, or the pictures of the room in the house of rich British guys around the late 1800s dedicated to stuffing everything they'd brought back from India in.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
Tags: india (misc)

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