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Mexican-American Foods and Holiday Celebrations [ANSWERED]

Hi guys,

I have a Mexican-American MC raised in America. She was born circa 1992-93. Her grandmother came from Mexico (I'm not sure from what region yet) in the 1960s and MC's father was also born and raised in the US. I had some questions concerning what her family might do for the holidays as well as traditional foods that might be eaten for certain holidays that MC might be familiar with.

Edit: I think that'll do it, thanks!

1. Some cursory Googling about holidays within Mexico took me to pages similar to this one: where they describe some basic holidays. I was interested in Christmas and New Year's most specifically, but information on other holidays (especially if the information comes from people who have participated in/have family who has participated in these things first-hand) would be great!

2. What foods/drinks would be most common to have during some of these holidays that most people living in Mexico would be familiar with? I found this link with some information but wasn't sure if there are details that would be useful missing from it or that need elaborating on:

3. I know the Spanish term for 'grandmother' is 'abuela' but like any other language, there can be a lot of personal/familial variants. What might a more affectionate term for the same name be?

4. I was looking at names people in MC's family might have, male and female. I was looking at the eras between the 1940s-1960s, but I'm having trouble finding accurate lists. What sorts of names were common in that era that men and women could have?

5. MC has a few aunts as well. Although they're living in the US, would it be beyond the pale for them to have a quinceañera? Wiki's page is here: but I was wondering if any of the information is different from peoples' personal experiences or might be inaccurate?

Reasearch: Traditional Mexican-American Christmas, Traditional Mexican-American Christmas food/drink, Traditional Mexican-American New Year's, Mexican-American holiday celebrations, quinceañeras, first names/surnames in Mexico circa 1940s-1960s.
Tags: mexico (misc), mexico: food and drink, ~holidays, ~languages: spanish

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