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[ANON POST] Sex Positions: Taller Female / Shorter Male Couple

What would be the best sex positions for a couple where the man is much shorter than the woman? The man is about 5'3" or 5'4" and the woman is six feet.
(So, 160 cm versus 183, roughly?)

Would this even be an issue at all? Would 69 be very uncomfortable?

Google mostly gets me info about situations where the male is the taller one. I'm also getting a lot of links which assume that short height = small penis, which IMO is ridiculous. Sadly, there's also a lot of links which treat the very idea of dating a shorter man as bizarre and laughable. I'm also getting the usual vague and questionable articles from Cosmo, etc, which are mostly just clickbait without much info.

Assume that this is a happy and healthy couple with no other limitations and no issues with self-confidence or body-image, etc. Both partners are very comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. They're not bothered by the height difference but they're not fetishizing it or focusing on it, either. There's no dom/sub element, they just want to have PIV, exchange oral sex, etc.

I *don't* want stuff with a flavor of "taller = more dominant", or any of this baggage where person's body-type is assumed to reflect their personality and dictate their sexual role, etc.

They would be open to using props/toys, if needed.

Search terms:

"best sex positions short man"

"height difference couple"

"height difference sex"

"shorter man taller woman sex"

Thank you in advance. If this post is lacking, I will edit it.
Tags: ~sex

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