The Tick (shanrina) wrote in little_details,
The Tick

Business reopening after a mass shooting?

Setting: present-day US (state isn't important), present day

Before the story started, there was a shooting at the business where my main character (cashier) works. Several people died, including the shooter. The business was then closed for a certain amount of time but has just reopened within the last couple days. However, I can't find good information on how long the business would be closed for. Is there any sort of requirement for how long a business has to stay closed after something like this happens? Other than crime scene cleanup once law enforcement is done with the scene/repairing windows and other things that were broken, is there anything else that, legally, needs to be done before a business can reopen? (If it matters, the shooter was not affiliated in any way with the business and nobody working at the business knew him, so I assume questioning of the owner/employees would be relatively minimal.)

Previously Googled: variations on "how long after shooting does business reopen," the names of specific businesses where shootings occurred (most of them had permanently closed and I couldn't find a specific time frame for the one that had reopened, but I need this place to reopen)
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~insurance

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