Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

Class clowns

Setting: North-central Ontario, present day, Grade 9
Googled: Acting out in class. Also checked the ~education tag here and my own memories

Just trying to come up with ways to annoy your biology teacher (or any teacher!) and crack up the class. Nothing to do with dissections; it's early in the year and they're just finishing up the unit on cell mitosis. I've already had one kid drop his text book on the floor and hop around holding his foot, while yelling "Ow! My toes-iss!" Looking for more ideas.

Pranks are fine, but the person who's going to be doing it is a) not normally given to this kind of thing and b) not about to do anything that's likely to turn sour/deadly/expulsion-worthy. She does have one super-power: she can see through solid objects. This could be relevant, but doesn't need to be.
Tags: ~education (misc)

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