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Pennsylvania Stalking laws

So here's my scenario:

I have a professional hockey player in Pittsburgh, PA, in the relatively now-ish time. He's helping out a friend who was beaten by her now ex-boyfriend. He, and several other members of the team, are hiding her, until she's well enough to be on her own (I have her medical stuff figured out). But her now ex-boyfriend keeps showing up at public events and trying to corner the hockey player. The man is looking for the woman the hockey players are hiding and knows that the hockey player is friends with her, so he assumes that this is where she is. (Rightly.)

Now, I've read about PA's stalking laws, but I'm a little unclear about how far it has to be pushed before the police can actually do something. I know they can't do anything about the assault, which took place in a different state. At what point can a TRO be signed out against him? What do the police do, if they have no idea where this guy is staying and hence, no way to serve him?

Search terms used: Pennsylvania Stalking Laws, Pennsylvania Temporary restraining orders
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