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Hand Crushing Injury, No Medical Care

The setting is a homebrew fantasy world country with technology roughly on the level of early 1800s England. There is magic that innately boosts the immune system, metabolism, and general body functions of every single person in the world, and can be used for spellwork by anyone with the time and money for intensive training (which, admittedly, is not a whole lot of people). There is not magitech or significant healing magic.

The situation is this:

One of the main characters, three months before the onset of the story, has had both of her hands deliberately smashed with a brick. She's a slave destined to be a human sacrifice, and the idea was to inhibit any escape attempts while still leaving her able to be herded in the right direction when the time comes. This didn't happen to everyone with the same fate in store, but she had a long history of escape attempts on her record and it was thought better to be safe than sorry.

She's received no medical care, and if it matters she was put on a sailing ship shortly after the injury occurred. I need to know 1) what sort of, if any, ability her hands might have to move, 2) whether this will improve over time, and 3) what sort of work someone would be able to do in the early 1800s without having much use of their hands; if I decide to have her escape for good, I'd like to know what her survival chances are.

Search terms: Hand crushing injury, hand fracture, hand fracture time to heal, and hands crushed with brick.

I'm getting a lot of stuff that's about what you should do in case of a crushing injury, or healing time in ideal circumstances, but that's not really what I need. There was an account of a quarry accident, too, but it didn't go into any details and was focused on the more immediate incident instead of what happened to the worker afterwards.
Tags: 1800s (no decades given), ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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