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Chemical reactions.


A little backstory to confuse you:

One of my characters is in Chemistry class (not university level). Someone dares her to sniff a gas byproduct of a chemical reaction during one of the labs. And she does it. Because she's sixteen and stupid. (Not calling all sixteen-year-olds stupid, but this one -- rather is.)

The question:

I'm not sure what chemical reaction would be best there because a) I'm not trying to kill her off (because she might turn out to be cool by the end; I'm not sure, though), and b) I need to know what chemical reactions produce a gas that would only knock someone out for a spell.

I thought of magnesium strips and hydrochloric acid, but that produces a hydrogen gas that is -- really a respiratory irritant.

Any suggestions on experiments that could yield this? Or maybe proof that hydrogen gas can knock someone out from a whiff? ('Cause I sure haven't seen it.)

Thanks in advance.
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