Streetlamp Lucozade (orange_fell) wrote in little_details,
Streetlamp Lucozade

[ANON POST] Eye Loss, and Long-term Effects Thereof

Setting: fantasy world very vaguely reminiscent of the early middle ages in terms of technology

Search terms: single eye blindness, monocular vision, acquired monocular vision, vision impaired athletes, long term effects of losing an eye,,

My protagonist was a career soldier in an army that fought a recent war, where he received an injury that blinded him in one eye and was subsequently discharged. How likely is it that he can relearn (and survive) hand-to-hand combat with monocular vision? I know people with one eye can learn to drive a car, and the United States Association for Blind Athletes has links for (among other things) skiing, judo, and what looks like an awesome version of air hockey (showdown) on its website, so I assume it's possible. At the same time, I don't want to make light of the challenges impaired depth perception and peripheral vision would pose in this scenario. Does anyone here have any experience or anecdotes about adjusting after vision loss in one eye, or good resources I should check out?
Tags: ~blindness, ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries

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