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Police procedure with a panicked, uncontrollable victim

So I can't for the life of me figure out a way to word this in a search engine that would give me answers, so here I am - anyone who maybe has knowledge of law enforcement procedures in the US, maybe can help me?

Here's the scenario: Character A has been kidnapped and held captive for nearly a year and is severely traumatized when he's found, just a few miles from where he lived with Character B - his romantic partner who never stopped looking for him during this time and got to be on relatively friendly terms with the police who were working the case. When A is found, he's absolutely panicked - blind, incoherent, with chains hanging from his wrists that, in his panic, he's swinging wildly at anyone who tries to come near him. He's still in reasonably good physical condition and fierce, feral, terrified and fighting for all he's worth NOT to let anyone get close enough to touch him. It's extremely difficult to get him subdued without actually hurting him, and it's clear that he's an innocent in this situation, they don't want to hurt him.

The one thing he's clear about is asking for B.

The story is set in present day LA. I'm thinking that even though this would be a high profile case (both characters are well-known celebrities), it's been long enough that the search has died down. A was found more or less by accident, something happened to his captor and the local (LA) police came to check that out, and found A there, completedly unexpectedly - so it'd be local cops, but city cops, not small town.

My question is this: Is it even a little bit plausible that the cops at the scene (the lead detective is on a first name basis with B at this point and knows all about the case, their relationship, etc) would call B and have him come to the scene to help calm A down? Or is that just so far from police procedure that it couldn't happen? The hurt/comfort writer in me REALLY wants B at the scene shortly after A is found, but if that's not realistic, I don't want to write it.

Anyone with any background relevant to this able to help me with this one?

Thanks so much!! :)
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