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Various translations, mostly Russian and Spanish.

I've been using Google translate, basically as place-holders, but we all know how reliable (or not) it can be, so I'm wondering is anyone on here could translate some things for me, primarily Russian and Spanish.

All translations follow the pattern of "what I want said" - (What Google gave me)

All Russian here would be spoken by one of two women. They're both native speakers, from around Moscow/"European" Russia, in their early to mid twenties, studying in the US. They'll either be talking to each other or a US male who's same age as them but who doesn't speak Russian.

"No questions in English" - (Никаких вопросов в английском языке)

"He's not as attractive as you said he would be" - (Он не столь привлекательны как вы сказали что он будет)

"He's got a great ass" - (Он имеет хорошую задницу)

"Shut up, Yelena" - (Заткнись Елену)

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me" - (Вылучшее, что когда-либо случалось со мной)

"Not nice at all" - (Не хорошо на всех)

Then I want a pet name that the woman (who is a native Russian speaker) can refer to her boyfriend (who doesn't speak Russian) with. Currently I've been using what Google has told me is "beautiful" (красивый). I want something that simple, because part of the "pet name-ness" of the whole thing is the fact that he doesn't know what she's saying. As such, it doesn't have to be elaborate. Ideally, it would be something that would be at least a little difficult for a non-native speaker to imitate. At least to the point that if he was to repeat it to someone who was learning Russian as a beginner, he would mangle it enough for them not to be able to understand it enough to translate. But that would be a bonus. If I could get a phonetic spelling of that word in Latin script as well, that would be grand. Either "beautiful" (красивый) or a good alternative - suggestions welcome.

In addition to that "hello [beautiful]" - (здравствуйте [красивый]) as a greeting.

And then just to check is this (Наталия) Natasha? And this (Боже мой) Oh God (or equivalent)?

And because I will probably use it at some point; "I love you" - (я люблю тебя)

Also, if any native Russian speaker wouldn't mind me dropping them questions every now and again when other things crop up, that would be great. It'd save me spamming the comm with what would amount to variations on the same question. :)

Spoken by an early-20s Latina who grew up in New Mexico but was born in Mexico to Mexican/Latin@ parents.

"It's not nice to leave people out, you know." - (Que no es agradable para excluir a las personas, ya sabes)
This one I am fairly sure is very wrong, partially because I didn't leave my original English version in the text, and as such I have no idea what the original specifics were. At the time, I knew the gist and that was all I needed.

"I'm sorry, pretty/beautiful lady" - (Lo siento, bella dama)
Spoken to the character's girlfriend - a early 20-something US national with only basic Spanish.

"Fuck" - (Mierda)

Spoken by a 20-something native Russian speaker who has previously lived in Paris and speaks French to a level that means that she can get an internship in the French Embassy. Here she's repeating something said to her by another woman - older than her and a dignitary.

"very brave" - (très courageux)

Some of these I am sure are fine and I'm just being extra careful. But alas, I have no second language to speak of, so I want to make extra sure.
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