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Questions Regarding Pre-Law and Stanford Law School

Setting: Modern day Stanford University


So I'm writing fanfic (Supernatural, if the userpic and title don't reveal it all to my fellow fandom members, hehe) and I just need to confirm some things about law schooling and pe-law in the USA, specifically Stanford.

The character is in senior year pre-law when there's an accident. It happens in November, the accident, and it causes him to miss two quarters of his college year. He returns for the spring quarter. On the show, the fact that he's done his undergrad in Stanford and has scored brilliantly on his LSATs is canon, and he mentions having an interview at Stanford Law School. I read their FAQs for students, though, and they say they have no interviews. So what I wanted to ask is:

1. Will missing two quarters mean he'll have to make up for those two quarters after he finishes school? If it's just that he has to complete his credits, won't that be a load of work? And he's not on probation and this is not a forced leave. He was doing brilliantly and the accident affects him physically and mentally, making it necessary for him to stay home a while.

2. What is the ideal major for him? I checked a website and they listed a number of things including history, english, political science, economics and philosophy. This character wants to be a criminal law prosecutor, so which is the best major?

3. SLS says that they take in students based on LSATs and college applications (well, that's what it looks like) so will this leave affect his application to SLS?

4. What kind of assignments would he have for home? Are they essays (Sorry, uni works differently where I am from)? Are these essays grades As and Bs like in school?

5. If and when he does become a law student at Stanford, can he apply for financial aid despite the two missing quarters? Will his financial aid from undergrad hold up for his senior year? And will he get a stipend when he starts law school, like doctors do during residency?

6. Does he have to work at a firm during summer break? What kind of jobs can he undertake?

The searches I've conducted are:
"Stanford Undergraduate"
"Stanford Law School"
Basically the whole of Stanford's website
"When to give the LSATs?"
"Preferred Majors for Law Schools"
"Work Experience requirements for Law School"
"Leave of Absence"
"How do college papers get graded?"

I guess that's all... Thank you!
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