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being tossed off a cliff: injuries & recovery

Hey hey, guys!

Setting: Complicated parallel universe with slightly malleable physics and late-Qing/pre-industrial tech; "magic" is available with strict adherence to internal physics.

Got an injury/medical question for you guys. I've got a character who just got thrown, hands tied behind her, off a cliff. (Cliff height is adjustable and unimportant - it's meant to be an execution, though.) She bounces off a rock ledge, cracking a few ribs, then hits the ground on her back.

My questions:

1) what's going to break and how? I'm assuming arms, and that's probably flexible what I want for extent -- she's already walking around with a broken wrist n collarbone from a shorter drop earlier. But how's this going to exacerbate that? What horrible things are going to happen to all her armbones?

Note: I need her not to die, so she can't have fatal-level internal injuries.

PS: is she getting a concussion from this? I've done a lil research on those, and know they can be super-dangerous. I want her to live. OTOH, it's a big fall.

2) What kinds of medical attention would she need, and at what speed? I understand that this depends very much on what her injuries actually are, but broadly speaking: is this like hospital immediately, oh-shit-pneumothorax-level stuff, or is this "get her safe, immobile while things heal, etc"-level? She's going to be there a could hours before help can arrive, so I need to work with that.

PS: can she - carefully - be moved? She kinda has to be...

3) If it were a modern hospital in a developed country she went to, what kind of medical care would she receive? I know, again, very injury-dependent, but ... but I need answers! and all the Goog is telling me about what percentage of persons 65 and older fall every day.

4) Recovery time?

5) What does it feel like to have a ton of bones heal? Hell, what does it feel like to have a healing fracture, & wait for a bone to heal? All my breaks happened with nose n head when I was a kid, so I don't remember.

6) What drugs or medicines would modern science use? I can look up what they're extracted from, or find the older equivalents?

7) Aside from broken bones (obvs the big thing), what kinds of muscle issues/tearing/etc might she have? I don't know if this applies.

And finally... 8) Long-term effects? How will this ache her years from now?

Personal experience and knowledge are best for me, since I write from very close third-person. So even if all you can contribute is how much this break or that itched, or how long after the injury it hurt how much, or what the cast was made of, or if it was even in a cast - anything helps!

Thank you, folks!

Already Checked Sources: Googly and the Wiki; this website's tags n posts, The Free Fall Research Page and a lotta stories on that, this/a>, and various articles off Googly. Also, searchign what kinds of triage or care often happens after falls and accidents.

PS! Wait, not finally: 9) is she going to bedridden after this? How does that work? That is, from the angle of someone who can't get up to clean up or go to the bathroom? Uh. Um?

Okay byyeee~
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