mojavedragonfly (mojavedragonfly) wrote in little_details,

Delicate question - Mexican sexual mores

I have a character, an adult man, I intend to have have sex with a pair of young (willing) girls from a small town in Mexico in a fairly rural area. When this is found out he gets ordered out of town by a priest. What I need to know is, what ages should I make these girls in order to engender sufficient ire on the part of the priest, but not enough ire to get my character lynched by the townsfolk and labeled a pedophile.

The girls are sisters, so they are not the same age. I was planning to have an older, experienced sister, and a younger, virginal one. I had originally planned to make them 16 and 14, but I realized I have no idea what a Mexican sensibility would say to the situation. My googling has taught me a good deal about the celebration of quinceanera, at age 15. I'm guessing it would make a difference to the opinion of the adults in the town if a girl was older or younger than 15?

This is not a rape (uh, other than statutory) situation, and none of the participants are remorseful about the deed. It's the reactions of the adults I need. I need anger but not disgust and loathing. What ages should I make the girls?

Thanks for any help.
Tags: mexico (misc), ~sex
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