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[ANON POST] Long-term Hospitalization, Injury-to-Order

I have an anonymous post request, please.

My setting is the current (2013-2015ish) United States, in a large west-coast city roughly based off of Los Angeles.

I have an 18 year old teenage girl who needs to be hospitalized for several months following a car accident. Ideally:

1) she will be in the hospital or other long-term care facility for four months or so.
2) she will be conscious for most or all of that time.
3) she is able to watch television, and either from the beginning can or as she recovers becomes able to read, write, or type, even if it is awkward.
4) she will be released in good enough condition that attending school a few weeks later is feasible.

The car crash which caused the hospitalization killed both other occupants of the car; she was in the back seat and survived albeit badly injured. I am currently under the assumption that she would have several broken bones, require some form of surgery, and be in casts for some time. I am kind of assuming that she will be leaving the hospital still requiring physical therapy, or wearing a cast, or using a walker/turtle shell, or still easily tired. She was in good physical health before the crash (cross-country runner in high school).

I have researched long-term care facilities and advice for extended hospital stays. I have tried "extended hospital stay causes", and the same search variations of -cancer, -childbirth, +car accident, +broken bone, +traumatic, +surgery. I have also found many different gofundme and news accounts stating someone is in a hospital for several months following an accident, but not the injuries requiring the stay.
Tags: usa: california, usa: health care and hospitals, ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries to order

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