Helen W. (wneleh) wrote in little_details,
Helen W.

Poisoning to Order

It's 1964. I'm trying to push a healthy man in his mid-30s into a New York City hospital bed, poisoned and treated and at first coherent (he knew what had happened, had sought immediate care) but gradually less so (the form of his decline doesn't particularly matter), as everyone waits to see whether he lives or dies.

It would be really inconvenient if there were long-term effects, but I can deal if they're unavoidable.

He can swallow something; he can be bitten by something; he can breathe something; it doesn't matter, as long as I have the uncertainty and a period of understanding by the character of what's happening.

Yeah, I'm playing H/C Bingo. Yeah, my prompt is "Poisoning."

I've searched for information on neurotoxins - AFAICT, they act too quickly. I've looked at lists of poisons and antidotes - fascinating reading, but not really what I need. I've found info on immediate care (keep them breathing, call 9-1-1) but not on what happens at hospital; and I'm very squeamish when it comes to medical reading so I'm tossing in the towel and asking for help.
Tags: 1960-1969, ~medicine: poisoning

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