Tori Love (lostandalone22) wrote in little_details,
Tori Love

Interrupting Suicide Attempt

Setting: Present day, southern California. The family consists of a dad and two brothers. They're middle class, macho, in the MMA culture.

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I'm trying to write a suicide attempt from the perspective of the responders, but most of the articles I've found are from the perspective of the person who attempted suicide or for how friends can help before an attempt or way after the fact.

In this story, the younger brother (14 years-old) has tried to attempt suicide by overdosing on Tylenol (Aspirin/Advil/Aleve, etc) and the older brother comes home with two of his friends to find him unresponsive. I know that one of them would call 911, but I'm trying to get a clear picture of what the other two would be doing.

Would it be plausible that once they realize he's overdosed, they start shaking him to get him to wake up and trying to make him vomit up what he's taken? What would happen in the ambulance? At the hospital, if he was still unresponsive, would they try to give him charcoal?

From there, I know that the father would be able to step in and make sure he got the psychiatric care he needed, but it's the first-response and medical part I'm trying to get right.
Tags: usa: california, ~medicine: overdose, ~suicide

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