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1930s era fighter pilots

I'm so glad I discovered this community. I have maybe a broader question than can easily be answered here, but any finger points in the right direction for further research would be appreciated.

My current story involves a squadron of pilots in the late 1930s who had initially fought together on the losing side of the Spanish Civil War and now find themselves effectively guns for hire in Eastern Asia. It's a vaguely alternate history take, so there's room for some anachronisms, but I'm looking for some good references for how planes flew and fought in the years prior to WWII to give some verisimilitude to my events and dialogues.

Wikipedia gave me a nice list of Basic Fighter Maneuvers I can pepper into the dogfights, and I've put out a hopeful call to see if I can't get a friend-of-a-friend contact with a vintage flight demonstration team, but no reply back on that yet.

Any tips or contacts I could engage in deeper discussion? An idiot's guide to the mechanics of late 30s fighters, bombers and stunt planes would be appreciated too.

Thanks, gang, and I hope I can provide some help in the future.
Tags: 1930-1939, ~aviation

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