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[STICKY POST] Quick Rules Reminder

Hi Little Details! Just a brief reminder, or an orientation post if you're new to the community. I'm going to sticky this to the front page, for the benefit of all members.

Posting Format:
Little Details is a research and fact-checking community. It has moderated posting, which means each post is individually approved. There is no strict posting format, just three guidelines that help everything run more smoothly. They cut down on exchanges such as "Did you see X?" "Of course I saw X, that was the first place I looked!" and save everyone's time. If your post is rejected, you will receive a notification letting you know what to fix.

Before you submit, please make sure your post has:

  • A subject line that describes your question. For example, if your question is about the effects of getting shot in the knee, then "getting shot in the knee" is an excellent subject line.

  • The setting of your story. When and where is it taking place? Even if you don't think it's relevant, it often turns out to be.

  • A summary of how you tried to research your question. "I checked Google and Wikipedia" isn't enough. What are some of the search terms you tried? What articles did you read? Leaving out this information is the number one reason for rejected posts! If you're having trouble coming up with fruitful search terms, no worries; just say so. Straight-up translation requests may also be exempt from this rule.

Anonymous Posting:
If you do not have an LJ or don't want to post under your username, submit your question as a comment on this post. I will post it to the community under my account. Anonymous commenting is always enabled, so you will be able to respond to comments without revealing yourself.

Community Rules:
The full rules are on the profile page here. If you're new to the community, please take the time to read them before posting.

Tags and Searching:
We have over ten years of archives, and nearly all back entries are now tagged. You can browse the tags page here. Little Details is also searchable with Google and other search engines.

If you're not sure what to tag your entry, don't worry. A maintainer will tag it for you.

Contacting the Mods
I am the primary maintainer of Little Details. I check it often and try to be on top of things here. If there is a problem, you can let me know by commenting on the Help Me! post or sending me a private message through LJ. Contact information for the other mods is on the profile page.

Thanks for reading!
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