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[ANON POST] Chinese Word/Nickname Help

Time period: modern day

I'm currently writing a modern AU of the 1930s pulp character The Shadow, and I've hit a language snag. He's known as 'The Shadow' across a couple of different languages in the various New York and international communities he deals with, and in Chinese he's famously called 'Ying Ko'. Problem being: according to what I can turn up, Ying Ko doesn't actually have a meaning.

Now, according to Google Translate, while 'Ying' can mean shadow, 'Yingzi/Yingtzu' means a shadow/darkness that's a bit closer to the intended goal of the nickname. This makes me think that maybe Ying Ko was meant to be Yingtzu and the original author got the phonetic a bit screwy.

Before I change one of his more well-known monikers, though, I was hoping someone with actual Chinese language skills could weigh in: Does Ying Ko actually mean anything? Much less 'The Shadow' (or 'Dark/Black Eagle' as a few sources claim)?

If it helps, the origin of the name in my AU is an affectionate nickname from a Chinese person who befriends him during his espionage career, and who influences his later career as The Shadow.

Research: various strings of 'ying ko/yingko/ying/ko' 'chinese' 'translation' 'meaning', most of which either returned factually-questionable Shadow fanpages or people with the exact same Google Translate results.
Tags: 1930-1939, ~languages: chinese, ~names, ~radio

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