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US Military interservice rivalry.

I'm writing a fic and I need some dialouge for a scene. It is present day NY. Characters in question would have served in Iraq and/or Afgahnastan. My research was a google search "interservice rivalries". I looked at the Wikipedia page and the TV Tropes Page. None were really helpful.

Character A was a Marine Officer and specifically did two tours in Fallujah. In cannon he was an NYPD detective before and after.
Character B (an OC) is the wife of an Airforce Pararescueman who was killed in the line of duty. Character A sees her wearing an Airforce sweatshirt and makes some comment about how cushy the AF is and she snaps back some reply. It would be best if his line identified him as a Marine and if her line was scathing (she's a bit stung). From my research I think that Pararescue falls under special forces comand, which is sort of different than strictly airforce, but I couldn't find examples of what might be said.

Thanks in advance for any help.

ETA: I am looking for rivalry between the U.S. Airforce and Marines. But the air force unit in question is special operations so I not sure if that will make a difference in what is said or not.
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