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Latin Translations

One of my stories decided it needed a country with a shadowy council of people with ridiculous Latin titles. While I don't really need 100% perfect Latin (the rule of cool is definitely in play here), I'd like to know the accurate Latin (because, well, because I like knowing the correct thing before I choose the less correct, aesthetically better thing).

Setting info and ridiculousness behind the cut.

Setting: The world is roughly comparable to the early 20th century western world in terms of tech and general cultural feel but with some magic, though all of that varies somewhat with region. This particular region has held onto a lot of old customs and traditions and sometimes seems stuck in the past. They're also fond of theatrical flare. So, weird titles in a (irl) dead language.

I know just enough about Latin to know that I don't have a clue how it works.

All titles may be held by any gender, so if gender matters in Latin, I'll need male/female/neuter versions where necessary/possible.
Where titles have alternate versions (or I haven't made up my mind) variations will be separated by a /

Lord/Lady (master/mistress) of:
...the Hunt
...the Iron Hand
...the Golden Hand
...the Silver Key/Doors and Ways/the Threshold
...the Fields/the Green (as in vegetation)
...the Waters/the Seas
...the Flame of Knowledge
...Abundance (in the sense of wealth and prosperity)
...Life and Death (this one usually applies to someone with what amounts to necromantic-ish skills (in the sense of summoning or controlling the dead, though divination is not unheard of) so alternate titles that either imply or flat out say Necromancer are welcome)

Please feel free to ask for more details or explanation if you need them or if I can make something clearer. Feel free to make suggestions as well. Nothing here is set in stone.
Thank you very much.

Tags: ~languages: latin

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