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Can you use blood from any species in ELISA test?

Since ELISA tests are genus or species specific for what they are testing for (i.e.: heartworm, hepatitis), does the blood used for testing have to be species specific? From my googling, it appears the heartworm ELISA is the same regardless of whether you are testing dog or cat (the unreliability in the test for cats comes in their small size limiting number of heartworms). So if I were testing for an antigen or antibody of an equine parasite (horse is dead end host) and had an ELISA for that, could I reliably test a human for presence of that parasite (as dead end host) with that same ELISA?

Thanks for any light anyone can shine on this :-)

Googled: is ELISA species specific (result only discusses what you are testing *for* may be limited to genus level when trying to separate to closely related species, no discussion of if ELISA limited to certain species as patient), can you use canine heartworm ELISA for checking for heart worm in cats (result appears to be yes, can a human be tested for heart worms with canine ELISA (no useful results), can a dog be tested for HIV using human ELISA (result- yes and they have been, but the HIV ELISA is set up funky, testing for antibodies for proteins thought to be specific to people with HIV, not HIV itself- can be false positives if someone has recently been sick with other viral infections - don't know how reliable that info is...might be old), can dog be tested for hepatitis with human ELISA (results got hep c for dogs, different antibody, but also got this about ELISA testing several different species for Ebola but doesn't say if different ELISA for each species by collecting antibodies from animls infected by it- I know they tested that doctor's dog- did they use Human ELISA or did they get a sick dog first?)
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