Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote in little_details,
Celine Kalante

Alive but mortally wounded in explosion?

Setting: Roughly modern day to very slight sci-fi. (No magical Star Trek technology, but there are domed cities and such to protect against a plague that has infected the entire outside world.) Medical research facility, remote outpost. Anthropomorphic (furry) characters, if there are any specific biological issues with like lizard anatomy or whatever that would make a difference.

A probably-deliberate explosion (someone planted a bomb, tampered with something to make it explode, etc) has destroyed a large portion of the facility. Our narrator for this scene is a collie who was in an airlock tunnel, going through some decontamination protocol after working outside, and just about ready to go back into the main facility when the blast occurred. Her colleague/love interest is a whiptail lizard who was in the lobby of the main facility, just beyond the airlock tunnel. The blast occurred somewhere in the main facility, basically as close to the lizard as I can make it for what the plot needs to have happen. The collie, being close-ish but in the other room, gets tossed and rendered unconscious for an unspecified amount of time (she has no idea how long she's been out when she wakes up, could be mere seconds or could be days, feels the same to her) and is woozy, sore as hell, and temporarily deafened, but otherwise okay. The lizard is not so fortunate; she was closer to the blast and buried under falling rubble from the destruction, and is therefore either already dead or dying by the time the collie recovers and finds her.

The explosion needs to be big/small enough/located in just the right place/etc. to accomplish three things at the same time:
  1. Breach the hull of the facility, meaning the collie has still been exposed to the plague of the outside even if she escapes this scene
  2. KO the collie for an unspecified amount of time, leave her feeling bedraggled upon waking up, but nothing from which she can't eventually recover without access to a hospital and such (as she is now considered infected and therefore no longer welcome back in the city)
  3. Fatally wound the lizard. Bonus points if she can be clearly dying but not quite dead--you know, hanging on just long enough to get off a few last words. However, if physics dictates that she absolutely has to have been killed instantly, I can work with that. Just, you know, thought I'd check first.

Can anyone assist with putting the logistics of this all together? Thank you!

Googled "how to survive an explosion", "effects of explosion on human body," and "anatomy of an explosion" type articles, this, etc.
Tags: ~explosive & explosions, ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: knocking 'em out
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